Shop “MARCHI” located:

Kyiv, st. Mikilsko-Botanichna, 2
MARCHI studio

Working hours:
Mon.-Fri. from 10-30 to 19-30

+38 073 8802628
+38 044 234 10 88


For english requests:
+48 784 498 283


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  1. КАТЯ
    КАТЯ · Декабрь 24, 2012 at 14:53:16 ·

    Здравствуйте, пишет Вам ООО «Текс-Ика», Киев.
    Если Вы ещё не знакомы с нами, приглашаем ознакомится с нашим ассортиментом и с нами =)
    У нас самый большой склад в Киеве кружев, полотен, гипюра, аксуссуров для украшения и многого другого.
    Будем рады с Вами сотрудничать.
    Находимся по адресу Дубровицкая, 28. корпус 1.

  2. Soumia
    Soumia · Октябрь 5, 2013 at 07:02:45 ·

    Dear Marketing Director of Marchi: Follow up

    I was wondering if your brand has received our exclusive invitation to showcase the latest collection at the world’s highest J Autumn Fashion Show on the Grand Canyon Skywalk on 1 November 2013. Please check the Official Fashion Manual which has been newly updated with full details at

    With the concept of MODELS WALKING IN THE SKY at the height of 4000 feet above the Colorado river thanks to the crystal clear glass structure of the famous bridge, J Autumn Fashion Show is set to gain global press coverage and redefine modern fashion standards. You can view News on the show from ABC, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Marie Claire, AD, and many others at . This show in the USA is part of a series of history making catwalks at the most extraordinary venues worldwide including London Tower Bridge, Petronas Twin Towers’ Skybridge, Seine River in Paris, and Costa Atlantica in Dubai.

    As we are at the end of the brand confirmation period, please get back to me before Monday 9 October 2013 if you like to be a part of the show. You are welcome to ring our Fashion Director in the US on +1 702 6309 685 between 9am and 8pm Las Vegas time to discuss details.

    I look forward to your reply
    Soumia G
    J Model Management
    London: Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, W1J 6BD, London, UK
    Paris: 17 Avenue George V, Paris 75008, France
    Las Vegas: 3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 500, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169, USA
    T: +1 702 6309 685
    F: +1 702 990 3501

  3. Justyna
    Justyna · Апрель 4, 2014 at 16:46:12 ·

    I have just seen your designs on not just a label and I really like them. Can I try them anywhere in London. Do you have a stockist?

    Also do you still have the sale on winter 2013?

    Thank you and I will look forward to hearing from you,

  4. ip address
    ip address · Июнь 19, 2015 at 11:28:58 ·

    Очень понравился дизайн ваших вещей. Хотела бы посмотреть и примерять некоторые из коллекций лето 2014-2015 года. Подскажите, как работает ваш шоу-рум? Нужна ли предварительная запись?

    С уважением, Елена

  5. Ева
    Ева · Сентябрь 4, 2015 at 22:58:11 ·

    Добрый день

    Интересуют условия опт закупки



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