MARCHI is an individual and timeless style for those who are young at heart and free from stereotypes. Clothes of the fashion brand are conceptual and concise, bohemian and comfortable. This contrasting combination creates a new harmony. MARCHI founders are convinced that appearance is the epitome of the internal state of mind, so the goal of the designers is female self-expression, which reflects the natural harmony of the fashion practicality and ease of wear. Clothing from MARCHI is easily combined with any of the garments from other brands. MARCHI style comes from artistic approach and original cut, the game of prints and textures, bold colors. Unexpected combinations of textures and recognizable silhouettes give brand’s clothing bright individual character. Particular attention is paid to the materials: exclusive natural fabrics from the UK and Italy, as well as an upscale quality printing supplies of MARCHI original prints. Purpose of MARCHI is approval of high quality and professional approach to the creation of each product, the popularization of the Ukrainian fashion and entering the world market.